Puppy Classes

Lucy has been running Puppy Classes at the Beccles Practice on Tuesday evenings since 2006.

The classes aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment for puppies and their owners to mix and learn.

It is very important for puppies to start socializing with people and other dogs at a young age so we allow puppies to start the classes a week after their first vaccination. There is an upper age limit of 14 weeks to ensure that young ones are not overwhelmed by bigger older puppies. We also restrict numbers to enable everyone to receive individual attention.

Over the course of four lessons we:

  • discuss a range of puppy ‘issues’ such as biting and toilet training
  • allow the puppies to socialize in a safe and appropriate way
  • start basic training including: come, sit, down, leave, stay, and walking on a loose lead
  • practise handling exercises including grooming and teeth cleaning.

The classes are very popular with both puppies and owners. One of the main benefits is that the puppies who attend the classes usually love coming to the vets!