Veterinary Anaesthesia

At Three Rivers Veterinary Group we believe in the best possible anaesthetic for all animals we anaesthetise. It goes without saying we use pain relief for all surgeries peri operatively i.e before surgery. This ensures that when your pet wakes up after his or her operation they are more comfortable than if it was given after the operation.

We also use the newest generation of injectable agents to induce anaesthesia – Alfaxan.

When the pet is under anaesthetic we then routinely use the most modern gas anaesthetic to keep them asleep – Sevoflourane. We are one of the only practice in East Anglia who use this expensive anaesthetic agent as a routine.

Not only are the drugs we use important, but so are the team which use them. Once admitted for an anaesthetic all pets are examined by a vet, and in some cases a blood sample is recommended to complete the health picture before we procede.

The Vet then administers an appropriate pre medication. This helps to make the anaesthetic run smoothly and will contain the painkillers. When the pre medicant is working the Vet will then administer the induction agent to make the pet fall asleep. A tube is then passed into the windpipe so that the gas the pet breathes can be controlled by the anaesthetist.

It is standard practice at Three Rivers Veterinary Group for a Trained Veterinary Nurse to monitor the patient when under an anaesthetic. She may use a variety of instruments such as pulse oximeters to help her.

When the anaesthetic is over the nurse will monitor the pet closely until the pet has regained consciousness.