In-Patient Kennels and Cattery

Three Rivers Quality Kennels

Kennels at Beccles Branch

The kennel room has been purpose built for our canine patients. The design has incorporated the very best in specialist kennels.

As you can see the kennels are constructed in high quality stainless steel to enable easy cleaning and disinfection. There are also three larger ‘walk in’ kennels.

The temperature is kept constant to maintain a warm pleasant environment for all our patients regardless of the weather and time of year.

The various kennel sizes allow us to accomodate from the smallest chihuahua to the largest great dane.

The Cattery uses the same kennel technology in a room seperate from the dogs. This allows for a more stress free environment for the cats. We also ensure a pheromone plug in is used to help keep feline stress levels to a minimum during their stay.

Cattery at Beccles Vets

Cattery at Beccles branch of Three Rivers Vets