Veterinary Care for Sheep in Norfolk and Suffolk

The pastures of the Broadland area, the marshes and the environmentally sensitive grasslands of East Anglia produce some of the finest lamb in the UK. We take pride in our involvement in producing prime quality animals for the domestic market and in the quality and efficiency of the service we provide to our farming clients. Our aim is to give our farmers access to the highest standards of veterinary healthcare in order for them to achieve the best health, fertility and production from their stock.

We are able to provide both first opinion and consultancy services. The services that we are able to provide include:

  • Full range of clinical services and surgical solutions.
  • Full range of disease and diagnostic screening.
  • Fertility management and planning.
  • Health plans and management – including advice on stock purchase.
  • Health Plans and advice for Organic Production.
  • Farm Assurance Health Planning Computer Program.

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