Subclinical Mastitis in Cows

The most important economic loss from mastitis is subclinical mastitis, for every clinical case of mastitis in a dairy herd there can be 25 or more subclinical cases. These subclinical cases are the main cause of increased cell counts:

Sub Clinical and Clinical Mastitis in Cows Graph

Mastitis risk factors – Five Point Plan.

The main risk factors for mastitis are shown below:

Risk Factors for Mastitis in Cows

The Five Point Plan.

The five point plan was established by the Milk Marketing Board in the 1950’s in order to counteract the mastitis risk factors – the points are still valid today:

  1. Hygiene: i.e. improving operator hygiene during milking such as the wearing of gloves and using disposable teat wipes.
  2. The correct maintenance of milking machine equipment.
  3. Post-milking teat disinfection.
  4. The prompt identification of clinical cases, veterinary treatment and the culling of chronic recurrent cases.
  5. Dry Cow Therapy.