Sole ulcer

Sole ulcers are caused by the uneven distribution of weight in the foot. The increased pressure on the inside of the sole causes damage and necrosis of the tissues below the horn and an ulcer develops. Sole ulcers are preventable by regular foot trimming and hoof care; they are a major cause of economic loss. Often the opposite claw requires a block glued on to it to take the weight off the affected claw and allow it to heal. The healing process takes some considerable time and there is always a weakness there afterwards.

Sole ulcers are one of the 3 most common causes of lameness; the others are digital dermatitis and white-line disease. Sole ulcers cause the most-severe lameness and they are also expensive the average cost of a case is £314.08 (Esselmont).

Regular foot bathing helps to improve horn quality and reduce the incidence of sole ulcers.