Eschericha Coli

Many cases of E.Coli mastitis are mild but it also causes acute to toxic infections which result in the loss of the quarter or death of the cow.

Toxic cases present with a yellow to watery secretion, a subnormal temperature; the quarter may be hard and swollen.

E.Coli are inhabitants of the gastro-intestinal tract and can be transmitted by wet milkin or contaminated infusion into the udder.

Antibiotics are only effective very early and the choice is very important. Supportive therapy eg fluids and anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAID’s) are very important.

Other similar infections but much less common are:


The clinical signs are similar to E. coli. Infection is associated with soil contamination. The organism grows well in wood products so take care with shavings etc. Maintaining a high pH in bedding helps.


These are algae found in wet soil and mud


These infections result from excessive use of antibiotic therapy or contaminated infusions. The yeast live on antibiotics, so beware of the infection that gets worse with treatment!

Control of environmental mastitis.